Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hey Foolio’s, time for your favorite Blog rant. Today I just have to touch on a subject near and dear to my heart. MERCHANDISING!!!

Here goes….

From the average new Foolio, still green to savage ways of fantasy football, all the way up to the wily veteran in his 15th season, all can agree on one thing. You just gotta have your officially licensed NFL gear. We have hats and jerseys for male and female wearers. We also have many other items to spice up game night in your home, or on a picnic or tailgating at your favorite venue. One thing is crystal clear…..we pay (sometimes a great deal) for the rights to root for our teams. I don’t know of any outlets for free NFL gear, so every item we hold dear to our heart that bears that logo costs us to love our team.

I think sometimes so what it’s my team. I want everyone to see that I’m a Raider fan and it only takes a glance for them to know this to be true. But it’s not just an American thing it’s over seas as well. Marketing gurus for the owners make them bank. Big deal some say….well I say it’s to damn much. Then the same owners will fight negotiations on a player contract, will be making bank off that players jersey sales the whole time arbitration is in session.

Most of the Foolio’s I know are hard working, fun loving, family men and women who don’t mind spending a little of their hard earned money on “gear” to show their pride. But it’s getting absurd to even look at authentic gear now. And if you buy a replica “whatever” your getting what you pay for, useless and poor quality crap that you’re more embarrassed to display than actually use. Some may disagree but one fact remains clear. It now cost a lot to be a sports fan and wear or use the good stuff. And I’m not doing it any more…..well anymore after I get my new sideline hat for this season and try and beg the wife to get me a Rolondo McClain jersey for this year (hint hint sweetie!) And my wallets getting pretty wore out also and…and…and.

Enough is enough….We pay through the nose for tickets that are so far away from the field we have to bring a TV to the game to see it. Its 95 degree’s out and you still pay that $4.50 for a Pepsi or $8.00 for a beer. Sure hope you don’t get hungry either or drive a car that needs to be parked for the game. An average family of four getting just an average taste of the “good” life at an NFL event better be ready to open their pockets up and empty every penny they brought for 3-4 hours of fun. Crazy part is they increase prices and we buy even more?

Stand up and wear your team’s colors with pride! They sure cost enough so don’t be shy.

* Oh and honey, if you are still a follower….can I get the home jersey ….. not the away jersey this year?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 4

OPENING DAY!!!!! Let’s get it on. Are you ready for some football?

So the big day has arrived and passed….and it did indeed make me ponder some draft strategies of mine this season. Who will be the real producer stat wise that is going to give me that edge on the others? I did very well with some picks and others, not so very well. But it is only the 1st game and I got 15 more to bail me out before I worry this week.

So my rant will be short because it’s late and I still need to do like a bazillion other things before I go to sleep. Sorry if this is the highlight of your day now and I’ve let you down….but I WILL be on top of my game for you all this weekend.

So I’ve touched on the young, the old, and now it’s time to explore the fairer sex. All hair….I mean hail the goddess’s of Foolio’s, our beloved women.

Here goes…..

As I arrived home in a rush a 4:30 today, I was in a panic to make sure my rosters were up to date. I easily navigate the bookmarked sites and check for any last minute changes ……NONE…..this is fricken to easy! Then my better half chimes in with her worries for her squads. Another normal evening and my dinner should just about be ready for kick off and I’m all set ready to enjoy a great (well it was supposed to be) game. N.O. marches down the field and its Brees to Henderson for a TD. My wife screams “that’s my guy “(foolio criteria #1) oh wait…and she races to the bedroom and returns with her laptop. After a few seconds I heard a “Damn!!...he’s on my bench” and with every score or stellar defensive effort she again surfed the ole information highway for the resulting addition or subtraction from the scoreboard. And to be brutally honest that’s a perfect self description for the most part of my average Sunday….but this is THURSDAY and I got tons to do still. It is (I think) her passion to follow this crazy sport, not an OK…. he does so I have to. But to see my wife excited at every twist and turn was very fun for me. I love her even if she did pick Peyton Manning with her overall #1 pick. Maybe she loves him more than me? Surely you jest! ….Or is it that maybe…just maybe she actually knows something I don’t……..Right that’s totally not possible. Guess I have pay a little visit to Mr. Manning and set him straight who rules this roost!

So….young, old, male, female, human or ????, you just have to love that Foolio’s are all around us. And all you need is a good game and TV to watch them crawl from the woodwork!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well Foolio’s, tomorrow is the start of the 2010 NFL season…anyone else more excited than me. This is that special time of the year that some one in your league is trying pull off a blockbuster trade. He or she may have even offered a trade your way, either passed on by you or was so ridiculous that there wasn’t enough room in the comment box to tell them off proper. So this segment I am going to touch on the topic of stupid trades and the people that make them.

For example, I recently drafted in an 8 team custom scoring and custom roster slots league…I was oh so lucky to draft in spot #8…but that’s just a bitch and has no relevance. Some where around the 7th or 8th round I saw an owner type I cant believe you schmucks let A P fall to here and quickly I see him snag A Peterson….not the Vikings AP. After the draft concludes I get an email of a trade proposal, so I hurry to see who I might work a deal for. There for my delight was this for the offer

Team XXX sends A Peterson RB SEA

Team Foolio sends D Brees QB NO

A Johnson WR HOU

And the following note was attached….hurry and accept or I will trade with the other team for A Rodgers and R Mathews.

I mean who in their right mind wouldn't want AP on their roster, but just because I’m a Foolio doesn’t mean I’m a moron. I lit that asshole up with every bad thing I could type in the space provided…and still felt that this asshole is gonna punk somebody that’s just looking at the name not the player. So I posted to that leagues message board but I was to late. He found a sucker and scored R Grant and T Brady for his 31 year old RB named A Peterson. I had to laugh but it wasn’t really funny. So if it looks to good to be true…it ALWAYS is.

It is also quite bizarre to draft a team and make a trade of your 1-2 or 1-3 picks right away within 10 minutes of the draft…but I guess for the real AP it was almost a good trade (lol) but to get his alter ego non playing slacker….that would be enough to make me want to find this jerk offs house and thank him personally a few times before the cops arrived.

Foolios are NOT morons…just a select group of hardcore fanatics with one common goal…and that is to win that damn gold cyber trophy and add it to the others in your collection that you never have to dust!

So be careful as you dive into the waiver pool and or make that unbelievable blockbuster trade. Maybe the dude making the offer has his own covert agenda and really doesn’t care if he ruins your team for his pleasure.

*If there is a topic you would like ranted on leave a message in the replies and I’ll tackle each one received.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 2


Hey….can you believe I got a reply!!!! I’m SOMEBODY….but I digress…..I had the Day from Hell at work today, so sorry this entry is so late. I’m sure my east coast Foolio’s will enjoy a nice cup of there favorite java read my Blog and then race to work to spread my rants to the masses…….lol if it were only true!!

Ok here goes…A really old man once told me “If you’re doing something you really love…..the day is just always better.” I pondered this for a long time. It seemed so easy.

My point is this us Foolio’s live or die with each 4th quarter score on Sundays. When the scores final and you beat team XXX by 3 points it’s a great day!

We all as Foolio’s share one thing in common, our love for football. And its bitter to wind up 3-10 and not a snowballs chance in hell of making the playoffs….but that same foolio will drag his ass down to computer on Sunday and set that roster for the 11th place game and feel confident after hitting submit that at least they won’t wind up last. That’s the passion, the LOVE if you will of the sport that I’m writing about.

So today, I’m sweating my balls off pouring sidewalks in our community, and 12 or 13 year boy walks by with a friend. He was talking quite loud because of the cement truck rumbling on next him and heard him exclaim “I’m so screwed dude, I drafted Sydney Rice and he’s hurt till week 7.” His buddy replied “who’s Sydney Rice?” and the first boy responded back “waiver meat.” I almost fell into the concrete I was finishing from the laughter. I know your pain Foolio…boy do I know your pain.

All walks of life young, old, male, and female enjoy this pastime. Each has there own unique reason, but the bottom line is they are Foolio’s and they love fantasy.

So Foolio’s, 2 days and the fun or pain begins for us all…and when the dust settles after week one and you’ve kicked ass or had your ass tanned nicely, and you head to waiver wire to catch that new players that’s going to right the ship remember that old mans words of wisdom. Its got to be fun Foolio’s or no need to waste your time.

*If there a topic you would like ranted on leave a reply and I will tackle each one received!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello, Im Tom and I hope you find the time spent with me both informative (lol...yeah right!!) and entertaining.

Lets start simple ...with perhaps.....Who is a Fantasy Football Foolio??

Its more than a hobby or passtime for some of us and those are the Foolio's i expect back often to see if my trials and tumoils are similar or worse. ......for instance....
This is our crunch time, four days to go and feveishly checking rosters looking for that dreaded IR tag that means ...hey foolio now you got some extra work to do. Ahhhh it dont get better than hitting that ADD PLAYER tab only to find out the best available player is waiting till Monday to come of wiavers and the next best option has played in one game in the past 2 years.......good times indeed!

So what makes me a Foolio with a valid viewpoint on the topic?
Lets this time I have over 40 fantasy football teams in every style format you can think of. I take pride in the fact that I've got a pretty attractive Win/Loss ratio as well, but this rant isnt about how good I am. Its more an informitive look on the trials and tribulations occurerd to "have fun" on the weekends with a sport that im very pasionate about.
I mean lets be real .....lots and I do mean LOTS of people have gotten hooked by the Fantasy Football bug and the enjoyment it brings us all each week. I see a Touchdown scored while sippin a brew at my fav-o-rite local hangout and I GAURENTEE within 5 seconds the high squelshed squeal of a Foolio in the corner exclaims...."Thats my guy!" or "I just picked him up last night!" or sometimes...."F_ck...I just dropped that guy" ....good times!

So as I delve into that frigid waters of the waiver pool to sift through broken, shitty, or retired players, I know there are thousands of others just like me. They have invested a lofty draft pick only to find that STUD who was gonna win them a championship will now be relaxing in a therapy whirklpool for the rest of the year. Good times

Please return soon to read more of my mindless rants as i intend to continue this blog at least thru the '10 season ....cuz i love this dame passtime and i know there are Other foolios out there. So commit to being one of my FOOTBALL FOOLIO'S ...bookmark me and check back daily!

                                                                                    The Fantasy Footbaal Foolio